The International Conference in Palanga

Analytic and Probabilistic Methods in Number Theory

In Honour of Jonas Kubilius

Professor Jonas Kubilius
The Lithuanian sea resort Palanga was the site of the first conference "Analytic and Probabilistic Methods in Number Theory" held to honour Professor Jonas Kubilius on the occasion of his 70th birthday in 1991. Professor Kubilius not only served as a rector of Vilnius University for more than three decades he has also been an eminent scholar who contributed to the flourishing of mathematics in Lithuania. To him and his students we owe some fine work in number theory, probability theory and the links between these areas.
The Second International Conference "Analytic and Probabilistic Methods in Number Theory" was held in Palanga in 1996.
Professor Jonas Kubilius celebrates in 2001 his 80th birthday. The Third International Conference will be held in Palanga, September 24-28, 2001.

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