Word of Welcome
by H.E. Dalia Grybauskaitė,
President of the Republic of Lithuania

Dear participants of the 10-th International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Dear Guests!

I am very glad to congratulate the participants of the conference simply called as the Vilnius Conference. This Vilnius Conference became a tradition and is an established forum that gathers top scientists to share the newest science ideas. The conference, which for several decades had been a scientific bridge between the East and West and which gave a strong impetus to Lithuanian science, has not lost its importance today.

The achievements of Lithuanian scientists in probability theory and mathematical statistics are well-known in the world and the younger generation of scientists successfully continues research in this area. Therefore, we are glad that Vilnius remains a worldwide center in probability theory and mathematical statistics attracting scientists from all over the world for fruitful collaboration.

It would be difficult to find a field in our life or a branch of science where the theory of probability and mathematical statistics is not applied. Science serves society, therefore your ideas and discoveries will soon become part of our life and serve for the future of global science.

I extend my wishes for successful work and fruitful collaboration to the 10-th International Vilnius Conference on Probability and Mathematical Statistics, the high standard of which is granted by prominent scientists participating in the conference.

Dalia Grybauskaitė
President of Lithuanian Republic