Econometric Competition

International Econometric Competition 2012


The Department of Econometric Analysis of Vilnius University invites you to participate in the International Econometric Competition 2012. It will be held on May 5-6, 2012 in Vilnius.

This is a team competition. One team consists of 4 students.

If you are interested in economic processes and if you are willing to take up challenges in econometrics, please register! The number of teams is limited!

Click here for the invitation (PDF format)


The Department of Econometric Analysis

The Department of Econometric Analysis at Vilnius University was established in 2001 to start the bachelor program of econometrics. The aim of this program is to prepare professionals, who are well-versed in mathematical-statistical methods and economic principles, and are capable to apply econometrics in practice.

Several Bachelor and Master classes already graduated since. The Departament of Econometric Analysis organizes this Competition in order to encourage students to keep track of the newest econometric methods in solving cutting-edge problems as well as to see their strengths and weaknesses in applying their theoretical knowledge.

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